Stock Market Education

A Stock Market Education

The main focus behind this Stock Market Education is massive Cash Flow Generation. It is also an ideal engine and fuel source for Real Estate acquisitions.

This system is primarily designed for investors who have been thinking about high-return strategies, but don’t know where to start, for investors whose traditional forms of investment are not producing the returns they want or for investors who are searching for a part-time profit-based cash flow system to produce a secondary income stream.

This program has now become a leader in global education, about the renting of shares and the Underwriting of stock market insurance policies and is according to our peers, one of the most highly respected education program in the world.

The Education Strategy

The strategy, on average, has historically returned between 3% to 9% per month. The real secret is that it’s kept simple, is easy to duplicate and incredibly easy to understand. By removing the ego and testosterone of the financial markets, the education is responsible for launching thousands of new investors worldwide. These same investors would not have otherwise started to invest if the concept to simplify the code and language of the financial market had not been implemented. They have now embraced this incredible wealth pillar and have the knowledge for the rest of there lives.

The Stock Market Secret

The unveiling of the real stock market secret is as follows. We open up the Majority of our stock market positions with a credit as opposed to a debit position scenario – we generate a guaranteed income premium on our transactions up-front as opposed to paying to speculate with the hope of making money. In fact, we are creating the market as opposed to really trading it.

Let me share an analogy with you. On the goldfields where gold is being prospected, who really makes the money? The prospector who is the speculator on the river bed, hoping to strike it rich working hours and hours? Or the astute, educated individual selling the pans, picks and shovels to all the prospectors, who is guaranteed to get paid?

Obviously the individual selling the pans and shovels creates the market and gets paid every time. In the real world of investing,  95% of speculative investors will trade and the 5% will create the market.

Creating The Market

What if we were to use this analogy in the stock market! For example, global trading speculators who need to purchase option contracts to trade on the stock market need to acquire them from someone who can provide them.

In this strategy, we create the market by contracting and renting out the shares to them.

Our payout is as guaranteed as it comes. We get paid up-front rent premiums with 100% certainty due to the high levels of liquidity and market participants.

As an example, the wealth generated by this system allows an educated stock market investor to purchase shares at a wholesale rate, not retail, and to get paid a monthly cash flow rental for simply renting out their shares. Yes, you read correctly … I said, “Rent out shares”.

Renting Out Shares

Allow me to explain. Just as a landlord rents out an investment property to a tenant, the same strategy has existed within the stock market since 1973. In this case, an educated investor will receive an income for simply renting out their share portfolio.

However, as it stands now, millions of uneducated stockholders worldwide will simply buy shares and maintain them devoid of any rental income. This is the equivalent to a property investor having 10 or 20 investment properties and maintaining them vacant, not realising they could rent out these properties all along.

As an example, let’s assume you bought shares that were valued at $20.00 each

If you received 6% rental for the month per share, that would equate to $1.20 in rental premium per share. Now if we calculated the real cost of the share incorporating the rental premium, you would now have the share wholesale rate of $18.80. This means the real purchase cost of acquiring the share was $18.80, meaning you have an automatic downside buffer protecting you if the share was to drop by $1.20 in price.

Wholesale, Not Retail

One of the great features of this strategy is the ability to offer clients the avenue to purchase stocks wholesale, not retail and the privilege of having downside protection by the percentage of rental premium received. Compare this to the average investor purchasing shares retail with no downside protection at all.

As the owner of the shares, we give the tenant, who is the speculator, the right but not the obligation to purchase our shares. For that right, the option buyer, who is the tenant of our shares, is allocated a selling price for our shares, at all times chosen at our discretion. This means, we get to set the guaranteed selling price of our shares. In the event of being exercised, we simply surrender our shares over.

Assuming we purchase the shares at $8.80 and rent them out at $10.00 during the month, whilst receiving $0.65 in premium, this would equate to a 7% rental premium. If our shares have been exercised at the $10.00 guaranteed selling price, we receive $10.00 per share and our return for the month skyrockets to 21%.

This exceptional scenario offers us a second opportunity in generating additional cash flow. If our shares are exercised we acquire new stock to rent out. If our shares are not exercised, we simply re-rent out the same shares.

The U.S. Connection

This system is designed specifically for the U.S. market and has had an incredibly profitable track record. Since 80% of the world financial markets consist of the U.S. stock market, we personally believe that every stock market investor should only trade it.

A strategy like this is an excellent high leverage money maker for any investor globally. It’s so lucrative that the U.S. government and most U.S. retirement accounts allow this strategy of share rental to be transacted in a 401(k) plan.

The 401(k) plan is a type of employer-sponsored defined contribution retirement plan in the United States, allowing an employee to select from a number of investment options in the money market investment arena.

This allows them to utilise the system in order to expedite the cash flow process and adequately make up for the years they didn’t save enough for, in order to service their retirement. This stock market system stipulates the specific criteria of shares best for rental, at which price, which sector group and which time frame during the rental month to achieve the highest rent.

Quick And Easy

It will take you no longer then 60 minutes a month, once you have mastered it, that’s all. It has the potential to be the fastest, safest and most lucrative cash flow strategy to pay off a home mortgage in just a few years. It’s now in use in Australia, New Zealand, United States, United Kingdom, Canada, Netherlands, Singapore, Barbados, Russia and Israel. This money making strategy has unique attributes and provides the cash flow solution to many investors’ problems, thus providing the ability to dismantle credit card or personal loan debt as well.

Part of Your Overall Strategy

Employing this strategy also works in harmony with property investing and is an excellent tandem strategy. Property investments generate capital growth and the strategy we are talking about here provides the bonfire cash flow fuel source to acquire more properties. Hence by developing what we believe to be a recession proof investment system, the additional cash flow generated can also catapult a negative geared or negative cash flow property into a positive geared property. This enables the investor to transform a liability into a valid cash flow asset investment.

Doesn’t it  make sense to discover the income generating strategies that very few people in the world know?

Stock Insurance

Another strategy astute global investors use is to purchase stock insurance which protects their nest egg from capital decimation, so that they can reduce risks and sleep well at night. This is an excellent low risk strategy. Buying an insurance policy for a stock holding has been on offer to the general public since 1973, yet millions of investors have no idea of its existence.

In fact by using this strategy, you have the potential to purchase stock market insurance with none of your own money – Use Other People’s Money. By using a certain portion of the initial rental premium paid, the investor can use these funds to purchase an insurance policy providing further downside protection to their stock portfolio.

The Complete Package

This really is the complete Stock Market  Education package. It incorporates all the features and benefits of a true dream business – no staff or customers, no age requirements, profit potential, low risk, no physical labour, trade your own hours, trade any where in the world, recession and depression proof, low overheads, minimal set-up capital and no complex math or difficult-to-understand  jargon. People have started trading with as little as $500 all the way to $1 million. At the moment, a U.K. man is currently investing £18 million pounds in this strategy, that’s about $US36 million.

An educated stock market investor will simply interpret these unparalleled profitable trading strategies as the most unique cash flow opportunity in decades. These are the strategies, investment formulas and specific cash flow systems that have all contributed to the explosion of millionaires across the globe.

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